Leather is a very durable material and proper care will ensure and preserve the beauty of the article. Try these tips for keeping your leather goods for looking forever young.

  • 1. Storage: Empty and store the handbag in a breathable cloth bag and never in a plastic bag when not in use. Leather handbags need extra protection from humidity. Fungus, mildew, molds easily form over leather due to humidity. Always store it in a cool, dry place away from heat.

  • 2. Keep it dry: Abstain from taking you leather product out in the rain. If your leather becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally. Never put leather in the dryer.

  • 3. Condition and Polish: To condition your expensive leather product, treat it with a suitable Leather Lotion. It replenishes the oils for all finished leathers and leaves behind a soft luster keeping it looking new for longer, and helps prevent leather from drying and cracking.

  • 4. Fight stains: If a leather good is tanned, and pigmented you can try to wipe the stain with a soft damp cloth. If this doesn't work, try leather cleaner specifically made for the type of leather you have.

  • 5. Clean immediately: Blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Do Not Use - Saddle soaps, oils, abrasive cleaners, soaps, furniture polish, oils, varnish or ammonia water. If liquids are left to stand over an extended period of time, they will be absorbed and it will dissipate in time, just as human skin will absorb and eventually diffuse stains.

  • 6. Product care: Do not pull loose threads, simply burn it instead. Rub candle wax on the zip to make it smoother. This is a great tip if the zip on your bag gets a little stiff. Trust us it really works!