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Our trained technicians and QC agents thoroughly check each stage of production. Moreover, an experienced agent can direct the customers to the best suited factory in terms of product, quality, pricing, and services in the shortest possible time, thereby cutting down unnecessary travel time and costs. We provide tailor-made quality and standard check services for companies as per their requirement, to attain the best quality possible for the desired retail price.

We will be your representative for all sourcing requirements – product development, price negotiation, material testing, production management, quality control, communication and follow ups, periodic reporting tracking of the shipments, custom shipment packaging solution, as well as arranging the most economical freight forwarders.

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With over 65 years of experience in leather, we provide expertise transparently, efficiently and cost effectively. Our priority starts with sustainable business practices, which is key to our organization. Having a manufacturing background has given us first-hand experience that company-owned sourcing bureaucracies located thousands of miles away are not only inefficient but also costly and corrupt. Our organization is proven to work due to the highly efficient system we have carefully designed together with our external partners.

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We not only aim to source the best product at the lowest prices, we provide design support from our European partners who in some cases act as partners and are your local point of contact. In all other cases, they research trends, visit fashion weeks and trade shows based on which they develop collections for upcoming seasons. We are able to provide and help with all technical design aspects needed for manufacturing. We offer customers the ability to make their vision come true – from an idea to a physical product.

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Production venues are being established in new and far-flung locations and to keep up to pace, the conventional “Office in Hong Kong” cannot begin to cover the globe. Silviano Groups integrated QC network coupled with world-renowned design support, we actually bypass various middlemen, and efficiently move product from those locations to the selling floor or distribution center in the most efficient way.

Our team makes sure that by way of extensive discussions both in India and the location of the client, we clearly understand the requirements and guide them to the perfect matching supplier to have a long-term business relationship. Apart from our quality control teams around India and China, we have experienced partners in Europe and USA who can be your local point of contact. Our goal is to understand your brand DNA taking into account design, marketing strategies and product-manufacturing price points to desired margin. Our ambition is to grow with our customers, building a strong trustworthy business relationship.

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A common misconception is that products bought through buying agents are more expensive. Having us on board will not only reduces the final price of the product, it would also improve overall quality and consistency. We can guide all our suppliers based on the understanding of the buyers’ requirement to use the right priced raw material, help them source the same efficiently by using economies of scale. The more we are informed and aware of your need – the more we can offer and help you to achieve this.

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We do not look to operate as a trading company. Rather, we serve only our client. Initially we understand our clients concerns to put all eggs in one basket, hence we agree to handle one-off orders but we seek long-term partnerships with clients with whom we enter into contractual agreements. We represent only the interests of and only receive compensation from our clients. For our entire range of services (design, QC, logistics. etc.), we charge our clients a small commission based on the FOB value of goods. There are no other charges. We are a pure service company and do not take any commissions from our suppliers. Our reputation in international trade is flawless and we offer a completely transparent supply chain, with no hidden costs and encourage our clients to visit the factories and material suppliers with whom we work with on their behalf.

Our production facilities run in full capacity and if our customers want leather goods to be made in-house in our factories, we have always have that option too. Also, using our experience in manufacturing, our purchase team also helps our partner factories source leathers, hardware and materials directly from factories with whom we have been working with for decades. Also, with the help of regular on-site visits we keep our customers aware about delays or any quality issues etc., which helps us save a substantial amount of time and money.